Getting Clients with A Signature Talk – Why You Need to Work Backwards

January 10, 2017

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What do mystery novelists and speak-to-sell speakers have in common? They both work backwards.

The mystery novelist does this so that the clues in their novel will make sense. Speak to sell speakers do it so that they can attract the best potential clients.

Before you start creating your signature talk, you need to know what you want that talk to do for you.

Specifically, you need to know what you want your audience to do. Chances are, you eventually want them to become clients – either by purchasing something at the event, or following up with you afterwards so you can place them in a program that’s right for them.

Knowing the end goal makes your talk much easier to create and keeps you from sabotaging yourself.

I knew a marketing coach who had a presentation about how to promote your business on the cheap. Then she wondered why her prospective clients picked her brain for free and never actually bought anything from her. Those were the type of clients she was attracting with her talk!

You’ll also want to stay away from doing talks that give detailed how-to information. These types of talks make the audience feel they know everything once it’s done. They have no reason to buy anything or engage with the speaker.

When you create your signature talk, think executive-level insights.

What wisdom can you offer that isn’t easily searchable on Google? A talk like that is not only worth listening to, but also highlights an expert who’s well worth hiring!

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