Stories Are More Effective than Logic – The Jaws Effect

January 28, 2017

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Remember the movie JAWS?

Well the summer Jaws came out, the number of Americans swimming in the ocean drastically declined.

Before Jaws, swimming in the ocean had been seen as fun. It still was.

But people refused to go in the water. Even after experts showed people their chance of dying in a shark attack was almost non existent.

In a survey more than 25 years after Jaws was released, a university proffesser said 43% of people who had seen the movie were still afraid of swimming in the ocean.

This was called the Jaws effect, and it shows how powerfully our brains can react to stories. Stories can even overpower logic.

Now stories don’t need to be based around sheer terror to work. And when you’re trying to sell something they probably shouldn’t be. In fact, as with every power we have over our fellow human beings, we want to use it ethically.

The takeaway is this: There are stories about your product, your service or yourself that have the power to move people – and get them to take action. And it doesn’t matter if your market is saturated, if your competition is strong, or if the economy is weak. Creating and presenting the right story gives you the ability to transcend these obstacles and create demand.

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