How stories help you sell (Storytelling & The Brain Video)

November 17, 2016

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So why are stories a great way to sell products services or even ideas?

Well partially it’s due to storytelling’s impact on the brain.

Check out the video below to find out how storytelling works on the brain and why stories are great for sales.

Storytelling is extremely old. It goes back tens of thousands of years and even predates language

So imagine a caveman coming home from the hunt and he’s sitting around the fire with his family and he’s acting out all of the scenes of the things that happened to him that day. That is how old storytelling is.
Because of this, human beings have developed a capacity to understand stories and to remember stories much better than any other form of communication.


Storytelling and Sales

Let’s imagine you’re doing a sales presentation and you’re using facts and graphs and charts.

What you are doing is engaging the logic centers of the brain. That’s a good start, but that’s often not enough to get people really paying attention.

Instead, let’s imagine you’re telling them a story – a story about human being so it’s inherently something that is emotional or has some sort of emotional tie to it. Maybe during the course of the story you start to describe how things looked, or how they sounded. or how they smell how they felt and suddenly —you hit the jackpot! You have connected with seven or eight centers of the brain.

Now you’ve really got people paying attention! You see, storytelling is actually the oldest and most effective form of virtual reality that we have.

As a result they’re going to remember what you’ve said and also remember your point – because stories are memorable.

The second thing that happens is that people will react emotionally to stories. Good stories will make them feel happy, glad, sad, or mad.

This sort of emotion is what stimulates people to a call to action- and a call to action is exactly what you want when you’re doing any kind of sales.