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Spring Forward Consulting Sessions

Spring may be in the air, but is your business? Jason can help you get grounded with an array of focused consultations!

Your personalized consultation with Jason includes: set-up and behind-the-scenes preparation, written analysis, a full hour Zoom or phone consultation session, and video recording for reference and playback.

Start with a free consultation to see if this is right for you.

Jason has decades of experience as an award-winning storyteller, script doctor, and speaker.

Virtual Presentations – Get in line, online! Whether you have an existing presentation you want to take virtual or you’re starting from scratch, Jason can guide you with feedback and direction to ensure that you, your content and messaging are accessible and engaging to your audience.

Video Feedback Time to Bloom! Whether you’re looking to improve your talk of an in-person presentation, or wow your audience with a virtual talk, Jason will analyze your existing video and provide feedback with step by step direction to  improve your presentation. Jason has analyzed hundreds of hours of video; providing mentorship to top broadcasters and speakers. Now’s your chance to work with one of the best!

“Jason has tweaked and added humor to my speeches as well as adding his excellent technique of making my speech an attractive story with his use of unique words and expressions. He has vastly helped me with my ability to do public speaking with his no nonsense approach.”Lynn McIntosh, Relationship Coach

Script Feedback – Say the word! Do you have a talk or other copy that needs direction, a refresh, or a pair of professional eyes that will set you on the right track? This session is for you!

Jason added a whole new dimension to my “signature” speech. I thank you so much for your insights, suggestions, feedback… I feel more confident, aware and mostly empowered to share my knowledge/wisdom with the world. – Alexi Bracey, Holistic Health Practitioner

Story Construction/Feedback – Not the same old story! Make your presentation memorable and your messages stand out with a great story! Jason will help you identify where a story can help, construct it or punch up an existing story so that it’s entertaining, powerful and engaging.

In less than one month, I’ve got 4 new stories and it is 100% because of my work with Jason. He’s easy to work with, he quickly understood the bigger purpose of my work and he has a knack for finding the funny in situations.” – Steve Foran, Keynote Speaker

Brand Positioning – Who are you? By listening intently as you describe your business, Jason will ask insightful questions and work with you to identify a niche and construct messaging that sells! Jason has helped many top speakers and experts to develop their Brand, including a frequent guest on Oprah!

“Jason structures your mountain of ideas, concepts and thoughts into a concise and powerful message that other people will understand. And once you have it, you have it forever. For me It’s priceless! Thanks Jason!” – Jenna Smith, Self-Discovery & Relationship Expert

These sessions are available for a special price of $650 plus taxes.

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