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As a meeting or event planner you want peace of mind.

Peace of mind knowing you’ve hired a professional presenter with fresh insight. Someone who will make you look good. A speaker who will not only wow the audience, and make them laugh, but give them the tools and inspiration to take positive action after they leave the event. You also want someone who will be on-time, easy to work with, and respectful of your audience and organization.

I bring 30 years of experience and a professional, customer-focused attitude to all of my talks and training, and know how to embed key learning through stories and memorable messaging.

Your audience will not only feel inspired and excited to get to the next level, but also have the insight to get there.


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Talk Topics:

Powerful Presentations, Speaking and Storytelling 


These talks can be customized for your group, and alternate talk topics can be created for you if necessary.

Keynote speeches and breakout sessions range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.  Interactive workshops & training sessions can typically run from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on your budget and needs.


Storytell to Sell:

Five steps to creating stories that satisfy, influence and inspire action!

Research has demonstrated that stories are more impactful and memorable than facts or statistics.

Whether you’re selling yourself, your organization, or even an idea – stories should play a key role in getting connection, consent and buy-in.

But stories only work when you tell the right stories at the right time and in the right way.

In this keynote, seminar, or training, Jason draws on his decades of storytelling experience in broadcasting, speaking and sales.

He’ll show you the five simple, but crucial steps to telling great stories that will have maximum impact and inspire your audience to action.

In this engaging talk, training or workshop the audience will:

• Discover how stories work on the brain.

• Learn how to use stories to make a connection with the audience, illustrate points of insight, overcome barriers to action and more.

• Take away an effective 5-point structure for telling powerful stories that will engage your audience and inspire them to action.


Creating Powerful Presentations That Sell You And Your Idea.

Turn your audience into fans with powerful presentation strategies.

Presenting a talk to an audience is the most powerful communication tool there is.

Unfortunately, this powerful potential is often squandered by the speaker due to a lack of focus, or inability to connect and engage with the audience.

Words like “Powerpoint” and “speech” now invoke yawns (you’re yawning now aren’t you?) when speaking to a group should be an exciting and valuable opportunity for communication and human connection.

Jason shares the fundamental strategies of creating a presentation that will connect with people, sell your idea and inspire your audience to take action.

Available in keynote, workshop or training form. Takeaways include:

• How to establish a strong connection with your audience.

• How to sound conversational, natural and authentic.

• How to keep audience attention and create talks with emotional impact.

• How to structure your presentation for maximum clarity and retention.

• How to create an effective call to action.


The 60-second sales message

Create a short and conversational introduction that connects with your audience and demonstrates your expertise.

Knowing how to introduce yourself and what you do for your clients is the first step in creating valuable relationships, but it’s an art that few people truly master.

Clever marketing copy reads well, but doesn’t sound natural or conversational when spoken. As a result, it rarely connects with the listener.

Jason draws on lessons learned from the high-stakes world of pitching movie scripts and writing short conversational copy for TV. In this session, he works with his audience to help them create a powerful spoken message that adds value and engages potential clients.

Available in a breakout, workshop or training session, participants will:

• Discover the two types of introductions most business people use and why they don’t work.

• Learn a point-form structure to that will allow them to expand or contract their message quickly and easily.

• Understand how to add value to their message and engage their audience.

• Apply this information to create their own short sales messages.


Leadership Communication

Selling Your Vision – How to Communicate Big Picture Ideas that Create Buy-In and Inspire Action

The ability to create, sustain and communicate a strategic vision is one of the most important skills a leader can master. In practice, this type of communication is easily ignored or forgotten because it is rarely delivered with the audience in mind, and therefore lacks impact.

For your message to be heard, understood and acted upon by various stakeholders, it has to be both relatable and positioned to their interests.

Available in keynote or training session, participants will learn how to create audience-focused messaging that works, including:

• The three principles to creating short, conversational and effective messaging that sticks.

• How to come across as authentic and sincere.

• How to create and tell stories to reinforce key concepts, inspire emotional buy in, and promote action on the part of the audience.


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What really made Jason STAND OUT was the fact that his speech was so PERSONAL. I felt like he was JUST TALKING TO ME even though there were close to 40 people at this meeting. Thanks for one of the BEST presentations ever!

Eva-Maria Vanags, HR Administrator