My $6K Disappointment With a Fancy U.S. Video Company

August 28, 2018

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Several years ago, at a glitzy sales conference in the U.S., I was one of a number of coaches and solo-preneurs who signed up for a combination coaching and production package designed to create a signature video for my website.

There were a number of things I liked about the idea. The first, was that this one company would oversee all facets of the production from helping me create a script that would sell, to making sure my hair and makeup looked great that day.

I had spent more than 30 years working in the television industry so I’ve always been picky about getting professional results in every aspect of production. I also know that video appeals as much to the unconscious brain as the conscious part. That means the effectiveness of the video can be sabotaged by anything weak or inconsistent, whether it’s the message, the performance, the lighting or the look.

So basically I was looking for peace of mind that my money would be well spent. And a one-stop shop that supposedly had expertise in helping people like me get new business via video seemed like a great idea. At least it should have been…

 My disappointment

While the concept of an all-in-one solution was great, the actual experience with the company was less than impressive.  For example, even though I was a professional writer, I was looking forward to getting feedback on my video script. I was told that “experts” would be analyzing my copy down to the word to ensure my message attracted clients.

The extensive feedback I was promised turned into a remark of “this looks okay” by a young producer who I quickly realized had almost zero experience at high-level copywriting.

In addition to the barely-existent script support, the makeup was close to clown-like and the performance coaching was non-existent. Finally, when I got the video, I noticed the post production graphics and effects looked tired and amateurish. To say it was a disappointment was an understatement. After hotels, flights, and the program itself, I was out more than $6K.

Now it’s time for someone to do this right

To be fair, even the underwhelming video they produced for me was better than nothing. I just couldn’t help but think that the idea of a specific one-stop shop for solo-preneur video could be done so much better.

I knew I could improve upon the experience and now I have.

I’ve taken the concept of the all-inclusive video package, added to it and filled it with the kind of top-level expertise and support that you literally can’t find anywhere else.

Welcome to our new Power Story Studios     

Our clients get top level messaging and script writing from a speak-to-sell expert and long time network TV writer and producer with decades of experience (me). Performance, image and wardrobe consulting will be done by long-time network TV personality and video brand expert Sheryl Plouffe. Production will be done by veteran producer and talent coach Karina Sinclair.

Every link in your journey will be supported by people with decades of expertise at the highest levels of network television, and who know how to sell you.

To celebrate the upcoming opening of our new boutique studio-space in Milton, Ontario we’re offering an amazing deal to our first four clients.

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 messaging and script development sessions with Jason to create your script.
  • One performance and image coaching session with Sheryl Plouffe.
  • A professional video featuring you, as well as postproduction elements like graphics, music (or external video you may have).
  • Portrait head-shots. Hey since you’re all dressed up and perfectly lit, we’ll even throw in some head shots for you. Why spend the extra time and money when we can do it for you?
  • A great experience at our boutique studio, including hair and makeup touch-ups, last minute coaching and advice and more.

Add all of these elements together and you’ll easily pay more than six thousand dollars. In this special one-off package, you’ll get it all for less than $2,000.00

Extra videos can be produced for you for only $750 per video.

The other bonus…. It’s all in Canadian money and right in your backyard.

Our shoot date is on October 24th, 2018 in Milton, Ontario, but you’ll want to get signed up soon so we can create your script, improve your performance and get you ready for that special date.

The offer closes September 20th or when the last spot is taken (which will be soon).

There are only two spots remaining.

Click here for more information on the program or to order.