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Jason Reid has more than 30 years of experience in speaking, storytelling, training and sales – including twenty-years as an award-winning story editor, broadcast journalist and mentor to many Canadian TV personalities. He’s mastered the art of creating talks and stories that can turn your audience into customers.

Speaking to sell is not just about aping other people’s sales techniques and formulas. Speaking to sell should be about sharing insight, communicating who you are and structuring your content in a way that’s authentic, effective and sells you (without being ‘salesly’).

If you’re tired of the “I’m so great, buy my stuff!” school of speaking you’ll want to check out these amazing free training tools. It’s time you step into the spotlight and get the clients you deserve!

What clients say about Jason

Thanks to Jason I made more than $20K worth of new business in my very first talk! Claudia Adair, Transform and Perform

The clarity that Jason brings is incredible. His work is more than just sales, it’s really deep business development. Christine McGlade, Analytical Engine

Jason is the master at Speaking to Sell. Cindy Ashton, Speaker, Trainer, TV Host

Jason helped us increase our call-to -action conversions by more than 50% Alpha-Romeo Blackburn, Distill Design

About Jason

Jason Reid helps entrepreneurs get more clients by showing them how to speak about their business in a powerful way.

A featured speaker at some of the biggest entrepreneur conferences in North America, Jason attracts lucrative clients through the stories he shares on stage.

A speak-to-sell expert and master storyteller with 30+ years of experience, Jason works with self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs as well as sales teams. 

Before starting his own business, Jason was a comedy writer, broadcast journalist and TV executive – winning national and international awards for story-editing in television. 

Over the years, he has trained and mentored many Canadian TV personalities, speakers and entrepreneurs.