Create Great Business Videos

You know that being in business means you need to attract leads and get the right attention from the right people

You need to show prospective clients and partners that you’re trustworthy, likeable and know your stuff. You need to show you’re a real person, because selling your business is really selling yourself.

But how do you do it? The most effective answer is video. When people can see you and hear your message coming from your own voice

In this content-rich, five- part video web series, award-winning television producer and speak-to-sell expert Jason Reid, and network television personality & video marketing strategist Sheryl Plouffe combine forces to show you how to create great videos for your business that will attract leads and clients.

Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs with Decades of Experience in Network Television

Here's What You Will Learn:

1. The three types of business videos and how to use them.

2. How to create short, simple and effective video content to attract potential customers.

3. How to create engaging and effective stories that position you as the go-to expert.

4. Technical tips on how to make your videos look great!

5. How to overcome stage fright and be powerful and authentic on camera.


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Who We Are


An award-winning television writer, producer and story editor, Jason Reid has more than 20 years experience writing for national network television, and for the past 8 years has been helping entrepreneurs and experts create great messaging and talks that sell them.


Sheryl Plouffe spent 15 years as an on-air TV personality and has taught TV performance and production at the post-secondary level. For the past several years she's been a video-branding expert.


With a diverse background that includes shooting documentaries as well as producing and video-editing for national network television, Karina Sinclair has the story-telling, technical and coaching skills to make you and your video look great.

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