Beyond the Funnel Web Event

How to use the spoken word to get better leads and close more sales – the natural way!

A one hour live web event. Monday September 30th at 1pm and 7pm Eastern

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Marketing funnels have been the go-to way to get clients for more than a decade. Unfortunately, every year they balloon to include the “latest thing” – forcing you to produce podcasts, Facebook ads, TV shows, books, Instagram posts, live streaming etc. Today’s massive funnels drain your time and your wallet and keep you from spending more time on simple spoken-word marketing that works.

The other challenge with traditional funnels are that they they work on the numbers game and often require you to have low paid offerings which take up a surprising amount of time and effort.

What if there were a quicker and simpler way to connect powerfully with potential clients and get them directly into the higher paid services that will really help THEM, and also build your own business more effectively?

By using active messaging to speak directly to your potential clients, you can answer the three big questions that people ask themselves before purchasing a service: “Why this? Why now? Why you?”

You will learn:

Why the spoken word is the best way to attract clients.

The three types of active messaging that work most effectively.

The four ingredients needed to ensure your message brings potential clients closer to a sale.

How to sell yourself without coming across arrogant or sales-y

The crucial tool most entrepreneurs are missing that will help them close prospects.

Plus – your questions answered!

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About Jason

Jason Reid is a speak-to-sell expert, professional speaker, and former award-winning TV journalist, with more than 30 years experience telling engaging stories to audiences across North America.

Through his company, Power Story Master, Jason helps entrepreneurs get more clients by showing them how to speak more powerfully about their business. His clients include everyone from new entrepreneurs to New York Time’s bestselling authors and even a frequent guest on Oprah.

Prior to being an entrepreneur Jason was a professional comedy writer, journalist, TV producer, and news director. He has mentored many Canadian broadcasters in the art of engaging an audience and telling effective stories.

Jason has also been a main-stage speaker at some of North America’s largest entrepreneur events and built his own business through speaking. New entrepreneurs have made as much as $22K in new business from their very first talk after working with Jason.