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Stories Are More Effective than Logic – The Jaws Effect

Remember the movie JAWS? Well the summer Jaws came out, the number of Americans swimming in the ocean drastically declined. Before Jaws, swimming in the ocean had been seen as fun. It still was. But people refused to go in the water. Even after experts showed people their chance of dying in a shark attack

How to do a networking introduction or elevator pitch

How do you do a one minute elevator pitch? How do you create a great networking introduction that doesn’t bore people to tears? In a recent episode of The Speaking for Profit Podcast,  I answer a listener question about how to introduce yourself at a networking event in a way that’s concise, interesting and memorable. You

Getting Clients with A Signature Talk – Why You Need to Work Backwards

What do mystery novelists and speak-to-sell speakers have in common? They both work backwards. The mystery novelist does this so that the clues in their novel will make sense. Speak to sell speakers do it so that they can attract the best potential clients. Before you start creating your signature talk, you need to know

How to be a great Master of Ceremonies – with Chris Mei

What does it take to be a great M.C.? What should you look for when you hire an emcee? Many novice meeting planners don’t realize how important the emcee is to the success of the event. The Master of Ceremonies is in charge of timing, pacing, and making the audience feel welcome (just to name

How to sell coaching or other abstract services

Why is coaching so difficult to sell to people? Well one of the big problems is that coaching is an abstract concept. Whether it’s life coaching, health coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching, the practice of coaching is difficult to explain and lacks tangible benefits.   In this episode of The Speaking for Profit Podcast,

Avoiding The Wrong Stories (video)

(Video) A Story of a Prison Guard Turned Bidet Salesman   Can telling the wrong stories screw up your sale? Well sometimes. But it’s pretty rare. Check out this video to hear a classic tale about a salesman telling the wrong story at the wrong time.     Let’s talk about the dark side of

The Top Tools of Persuasion (video)

What’s the best way to persuade people to buy something?  How do you effectively and ethically influence other people’s thoughts? Believe it or not, the best persuasion tools were discovered by the ancient Greeks thousands of years ago. Here’s a video explaining these persuasion tools and how to use them in your sales presentations. I

Three Ways Stories Can Help Your Sales

Everyone is talking about storytelling as today’s best sales tool.  But have you ever thought about the different ways that stories can help you in the sales process? In this video I talk about three of the best ways to use stories to help you sell a product, a service or an idea.    

How stories help you sell (Storytelling & The Brain Video)

So why are stories a great way to sell products services or even ideas? Well partially it’s due to storytelling’s impact on the brain. Check out the video below to find out how storytelling works on the brain and why stories are great for sales. Storytelling is extremely old. It goes back tens of thousands

Using Stories to Handle Customer Problems and Objections

In this short video I’ll show you how to use stories to address your customer’s objections and problems. “You know it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a product or service or even an idea. All sales begins with solving your customers problem. Your customer maybe a few people in a niche market or, if you’re