Jason is not just an entertaining professional speaker.

Jason Reid teaches entrepreneurs, experts and sales teams how to create presentations and tell stories with intention and impact – helping them turn their audience into clients.

Jason is an international award-winning story editor, with more than 30 years experience as a professional writer, TV producer, story editor and network television news director. Jason has mentored prominent North American television personalities in the art of presenting and telling effective stories.

Known as the power story master for his ability to create compelling narratives that wow an audience, Jason has been a main-stage speaker at some of North America’s largest entrepreneur events and built his own business by speaking.

Jason first learned how to speak-to-sell as a screenwriter, where he pitched movie scripts to distracted and overworked Hollywood producers. He then spent 20 years turning complex ideas into engaging true-life stories for television news.

Recognizing that all great communications involved selling, Jason became a business coach and trained entrepreneurs and experts how to create talks and presentations that were clear, authentic and inspired the audience to a call to action.

Through his private coaching, workshops, and elite group programs, Jason helps entrepreneurs create a power talk and sales message that can wow any audience and convert them into paying customers.

Looking to get more clients more quickly? Jason Reid can show you how to use the spoken word to create signature messaging and presentations that sell.

Jason is a proud member of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers