Why Atmosphere Matters When You Speak

August 8, 2016

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One of the things we don’t talk enough about in the speaking world is the power of atmosphere.

We obsess over the content of our talk, how we’ll stand, our body motions etc., but how often do we think about the impact of the room itself, how it looks and how it feels?

Earlier this month I traveled to the Catskills in New York to see an Amanda Palmer concert. While the music was great, what made it an event to remember was the atmosphere.

The venue was an old abandoned factory turned into a concert house, with homey kitchen chairs, Christmas lights and an incredibly warm acoustics.

The audience was full of gentle people who cared about the world and cared about being understood by others, and the music reflected that.

After the concert, people lined up for who knows how long to buy music, t-shirts and art from the merch table and to connect to Amanda herself.

Having an atmosphere that reflects who you are and what your selling is important. It’s really hard to sell an expensive VIP business coaching package when you’re presenting in a dusty basement of a community hall.

It’s also hard to convince people of the fact that you’ll work closely with them to achieve their goals if you’re sharing the same stage as a bunch of rip-off artists looking to make some easy sales and then beat it out of town.

Atmosphere is important. Who you surround yourself with, and where you present your talk matter. It matters a lot.