Creating Powerful Presentations and Purposeful Stories to Influence and Sell – Virtually or In-Person

Whether it’s a positioning message, a talk or a signature video, Jason can help you craft the right words and tell the right stories.

Turn Your Audience into Clients and Fans

Jason can help you:

Create a powerful sales message.

Communicate powerfully through virtual communication and presentations.

Develop a signature talk that effectively sells you or idea.

Create purposeful stories that get your audience to take action.

And do it all in a natural and authentic way that sounds like you.


  • The Professional Speaker’s Storytelling Tool
  • Two Audios
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It’s time to take your storytelling to the next level so that you can spread your message and make more money.

Whether you’re a professional speaker or an entrepreneur your goal is the same. You want to sell your idea and lead people into action.

We know that stories inspire people, but simple inspiration only goes so far. Your stories can and should be, so much more. In fact, your story can drastically improve buy-in from your audience.

If you’re a coach or expert, stories can show clear, real-world examples of your ideas in action so potential clients understand the benefits of working with you. Most importantly, stories can be used to address and remove objections and obstacles. 

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Jason is a MASTER STORYTELLER and can help you craft a message that will engage your ideal clients. He helped me create a signature talk that is so powerful and authentic I can deliver it with TOTAL CONFIDENCE.
Dr. Cynthia Howard, Focus and Performance Coach
I spent TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS working with other coaches trying to figure out my personal story. But with Jason, I FINALLY SUCCEEDED. I wished I had come to him FIRST.
Duanyi Wu, Parenting Coach
After working on a talk with Jason, I went out and booked more than $22K OF NEW BUSINESS at my FIRST speaking event – and I’m still getting offers to work with people.
Claudia Adair, Sales Coach
Jason showed us how to create a MORE EFFECTIVE TALK that both engages the audience and INCREASED RESPONSE on our call to action. In our first talk we had 50% MORE CONVERSIONS than usual. Thanks Jason.
Alpha Romeo & Monica Blackburn